Notice is hereby given that the AGM of the Evans Head Business & Community Chamber Incorporated will be held at the Sandbar Restaurant, Wednesday 27 November at 5.30pm.

The business of the meeting will include:

  1. To confirm the Minutes of last years’ Annual General Meeting held in February 2019.

  2. To consider the President’s, Secretary’s, and Treasurer’s Reports on activities throughout 2018/19.

  3. To announce the nominations and elections of the committee members/positions for ensuing year.

  4. General Business


The Evans Head Business & Community Chamber Incorporated calls for positions on the committee. Should there be more nominations than positions, a ballot may take place.

Nomination forms for a position on the committee are required to be signed by two (2) nominees who are financial members of the Evans Head Business & Community Chamber Incorporated. 

Please note: Nominations forms can now be emailed, posted, or hand delivered to the president at Sandcastles Early Learning Centre.

All nominations must be received by 5.00pm Friday, 22 November 2019.

Return to: Evans Head Business & Community Chamber
PO Box 140, Evans Head  NSW  2473